The Arizona Rail Passenger Association is a non-profit volunteer statewide membership organization working for the expansion and improvement of rail passenger service within the state of Arizona, and between Arizona and other States. Please join us as we build support for a modern transportation system in the Southwest!


Who Are We?

For the past 25 years, ARPA has steadfastly advocated including passenger rail services as part of our long-distance, regional, and local transportation systems.


  • We were the first to propose light rail service between downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, and, now, it is a reality.
  • We were an early advocate of commuter rail service for the Phoenix area, as well as regional service between Phoenix and Tucson. These are now being seriously studied by state and local officials and agencies.
  • We have long advocated daily Amtrak service through Southern Arizona.


In the past, the question was: “Will there be passenger rail?” Now that others-cities, elected officials, and business leaders-have joined in support of passenger rail service the question has become: “What type(s) of passenger rail will there be?” and “Where will the trains run?”


ARPA can educate business and political leaders, and our fellow citizens about, for example, the difference between light rail and commuter rail, or why a comprehensive network of long-distance passenger rail service is vital to our Nation’s future energy independence and mobility. To ensure that “rail is done right” we need your help.


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